Lichnos beach

At a distance of 300 meters you can find Lichnos beach. A beautiful combination of sand and pebbles, with crystal-clear waters surrounded by the green of the mountains and the olive groves of Parga.

The beach is organized except for a small part where you can enjoy your own privacy. Lichnos beach is also famous for its caves , especially Aphrodite’s Cave where it is said that the Greek Goddess Aphrodite used to take her bath in that cave.

Ai-Giannakis Beach
Ai-Giannakis beach is a small beach 6 km away from Parga. The shore and the seabed consist of peddles. It is perfect if you want to enjoy the calmness of nature in the turquoise-dappled waters.
Krioneri beach

Krioneri beach is located at the center of Parga , few meters from the port. It is an organized beach with blue waters , sand and peddles.

Across the beach is tha Island of Panagia where you can go by swimming.

Alonaki beach

Alonaki beach is located 58 miles from our apartments , on the road to Preveza.It is a hidden jem with clear, turquoise waters surrounded by bushes and rocks.

It is not organized but there is a small canteen for snacks and drinks. Near the beach there are also other hidden jems such as Skala beach and Ormos Odysseus beach.

Valtos beach

Valtos is the biggest beach of Parga in a radius of 3 miles. It is located behind the Venetian Castle , very close to the center of town.

Valtos is a sandy organized beach at its biggest part with clean water. You can enjoy a wide range of activities such as sea sports, parasailing , diving etc.

Sarakiniko beach

The beach of Sarakiniko is located 12 km from Parga, after Agia village. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in the area of Parga, with fine sand and pebbles.

Located deep in a secluded bay with turquoise and crystal clear waters. It is an organized beach with several food and drink spots.