Having Parga as a starting point you can visit Sivota at a distance of 35 miles. Sivota is called “the gem of Thesprotia” and for good reason.There you will see some of the most stunning beaches such as Bella Vraka and Pisina beach.

Bella Vraka. This astonishing beach around the town of Sivota connects the mainland with the small island of Mourtemeno.

Pisina beach. A spectacular beach with crystal-clear , azure waters that only has access by the sea.


Across Parga there are two little islands with magnificent natural beauty, thickly forested areas and emerald waters.

Antipaxoi are mostly known for Voutoumi , a white sandy beach with its extraordinary transparent blue waters that remind of a swimming pool. There are daily daylong cruises from Parga.


Meteora is a very famous destination that attracts lot of tourists all year long. It is a cluster of massive Paleolithic rocks with steep peaks ,at the town of Kalampaka, on which Byzantine monasteries are built.

In 1988, Meteora was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. There are excursions from Parga to Meteora that give tourists a chance to visit this geological wonder with the breathtaking view.